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All of our system components come with full manufacturers warranties.
We develop energy efficiency solutions in which we use a combination of technologies
We develop energy efficiency solutions in which we use a combination of technologies
We develop energy efficiency solutions in which we use a combination of technologies
We develop energy efficiency solutions in which we use a combination of technologies

Residential Solar

Living Energy specialises in the installation of Solar Energy Systems within the residential market. Our team are experienced and dedicated, and will go that extra mile to ensure you receive a professional and personalised service from the initial quote, right through to delivery and installation.

We are committed to identifying our customers needs, and providing you with a solution that can reduce your overall energy costs. We only supply the highest quality inverters from trusted partners – SMA, Fronius, SolarEdge, Enphase, and more. Our solar panels are sourced from trusted brands including – QCells, Trina, JA Solar, Jinko, REC, Canadian Solar, LG, SolarWatt. We also supply and install various monitoring options, including solar analytics.

Battery Storage

Energy storage systems are now a reality, and homes like yours is where it begins. In the next few years, we will see a fundamental shift in the way all energy users meet their energy requirements and how utility providers integrate with storage systems.

For home owners, they can benefit right now from energy storage in a variety of ways.

Battery storage means you can harness the sun at all hours. With battery storage from Living Energy, the average home could save hundreds on their quarterly electricity bills.

Energy storage systems can be configured to provide backup power in the event of an outage. Home owners can choose to run their whole house, or configure essential circuits – like lights, fridges, security, fire alarms, internet or medical equipment. This is perfect for people in remote or unreliable power areas or for those who can’t risk losing power.


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Solar Energy

We take the guess work out of solar energy for your home. Our dedicated team of solar experts have prepared some important FAQ's to help get you started !
How does solar energy work ?

Your solar system works by converting light from the sun into energy which you can use in your home or export to the grid. Panels on your roof generate DC (Direct Current) Electricity, this is fed into an inverter which converts the DC electricity into 240 volt AC (Alternating Current) Electricity which can be used in your home.

Do I still need electricity from the grid ?

Yes. Your solar system generates electricity during peak daylight hours. Any electricity produced during this time that is not consumed will be sold back to the grid. During the night when your solar system is not working, you will draw electricity from the grid.

If my energy demands increase, can I upgrade my system ?

Yes you can increase the size of your existing system in most cases. This well depend on available roof space, and orientation. In some cases, your existing inverter can be used, and in other cases, your existing inverter can be replaced with a larger unit, or a secondary unit can be installed to work along side your existing system. We can ascertain this with a site visit.

Will solar give me electricity in a blackout ?

No. Once the voltage in the grid drops below a certain level, your inverter will shut down until the grid is back up and running. This is a requirement as SAPN workers could be electrocuted if you send electricity back to the grid whilst they are working.

Is there any maintenance involved ?

There is minimal system maintenance required over the life of the system. You may be required to hose down the panels from time to time to remove dirt. The panels will self clean when it rains. Businesses have emerged which will complete a panel clean for a small fee.

What size system do I need ?

Please click here to view our online system calculator.

What size battery do I need ?

Batteries are extremely important to size correctly, and there are MANY variables. Let our experienced staff help you with this. Simply contact us today and we will be able to organise you a no obligation free quote.

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