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Polybags / Peakfresh

Living Energy was asked to analyse Peakfresh’s existing loads and factor in the load characteristics of the replaced and new machinery to be installed at the new site in stage 1 in order to advise on the optimal size for a solar system. In addition, advice on managing limited grid supply was also requested.

Peakfresh were expanding their production capacity. Stage 1 of the expansion consisted of relocating to a newly constructed facility and concurrently replacing some old machinery. Stage 2 was planned to occur within 24 months of relocation and involved installing additional new plant, but was pending factors out of the owner’s control.

South Central Trucks

As with any greenfield site, the key focus with the South Central Trucks Solar PV System was to confirm the optimal Solar PV size based on the sweet spot of financial returns via careful modelling of the exact loads and electricity rates post construction.

Living Energy took the time to understand the plant and equipment to be included in the new construction and considered the lower consumption of LED lighting to be installed compared to older halogen technology in our other sites when modelling for the appropriate size.



Living Energy was engaged by Energy Aware for detailed design for construction of a 1.92MW Solar PV installation with 200kW/360kWh Tesla Powerpack at Visy Board, Gepps Cross SA.

The project which commenced in June 2018, was commissioned in September 2018, and recently completed in Q1 of 2019 with the Tesla Powerpack installation once stock was made available. This was a fantastic project to be a part of, and we look forward to the amazing results from this as time goes on.

SA Water - Hope Valley

Simultaneously with the previous 1.92MW project and other commercial installations, Living Energy has co- worked on detailed DC design for the 4MW SA Water rollout (Stage1),as well as sub-contracting to Enerven for the 1.5MW Ground Mount System for SA Water at its Hope Valley Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The design component took place in early 2018 and construction begun on civil and mechanical works. The DC Installation stage of the project started August 14th, and was completed early September 2018. Hope Valley is one of several projects completed, predominantly installing all aspects of the project from DC, AC, network connection and commissioning. Living Energy was awarded the largest site of the 4MW rollout across 3 sites as well as the fourth site, a 100kW Floating Solar PV array for the Happy Valley Waste Water Treatment Facility.


Shottesbrooke Winery

DETAILS : EPC for 100kW Solar PV System at Shottesbrooke Winery – awaiting network approval. Likely install Aug/Sept 2018

PANELS : 363 x 275W Jinko Solar 60 cell panels

INVERTERS : 3 x SolarEdge 27.6kW Inverter & 1 x 10kW SolarEdge Inverter + Panel optimisers

RACKING : Clenergy

PROJECT SUMMARY : Living Energy has been engaged by the Shottesbrooke Winery owner for design and installation of the 100kW Solar PV System.

Woodcroft Shopping Centre

DETAILS : EPC for 200kW Solar PV System at Woodcroft Town Centre and Mall – awaiting network approval. Likely install Sep/Oct 2018

PANELS : 726 x 275W Jinko Solar 60 cell panels INVERTERS: 4 x 50kW SMA Core 1 Inverters RACKING: Clenergy

PROJECT SUMMARY : Living Energy has been engaged by the Woodcroft Town Centre and Mall owner for design and installation of the 200kW Solar PV System.


Modbury Heights Shopping Centre

DETAILS : EPC for 100kW Solar PV System at Modbury Heights Shopping Centre – Stage 1: 50kW, but network protection and application for 100kW System has been progressed. Likely install August 2018

PANELS : 192 x JA Solar 270W 60 Cell Panels INVERTERS: 2 x Fronius ECO 25kW Inverters RACKING: Clenergy

PROJECT SUMMARY : Living Energy has been engaged by the Modbury Heights Shopping Centre Management (Savills) for design and installation of the 100kW Solar PV System and installation of stage 1 50kW.

Mason Farms - Site 2

DETAILS : EPC for 1MW Ground Mount Solar Farm, Loxton PANELS: 3020 x 330W JA Solar

INVERTERS : 18 x ABB 50kW Inverters ROTATING

GENERATOR : 660kVa CAT Generator RACKING: Schletter Ground Mount

PROJECT SUMMARY : Living Energy is presently applying for Network Approval for the 1MW Solar at this site. Will likely be export limited due to constraints in the area. A 660KVa generator will be installed prior to Oct 2018 regardless of the approval status.





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