South Central Trucks

As with any greenfield site, the key focus with the South Central Trucks Solar PV System was to confirm the optimal Solar PV size based on the sweet spot of financial returns via careful modelling of the exact loads and electricity rates post construction.


The site footprint was going to more than double compared to their other reference site which Living Energy was installing a 180kW system in stages after a detailed sizing optimisation study. South Central Trucks were requesting approximately a 200kW Solar System at our new site given advice from our electrical engineers.

Living Energy took the time to understand the plant and equipment to be included in the new construction and considered the lower consumption of LED lighting to be installed compared to older halogen technology in our other sites when modelling for the appropriate size.


With the site consumption at other sites of the same business activity but with older plant, current electricity rates and solar irradiation data from burea of meteorology, Living Energy was able to advise on installing a smaller system of 100kW as they believed it was the optimal solution. This also meant that the system was the largest possible whilst still being eligible for the STC upfront discount, which at the time was in the order of $77,000 ex GST.

This is one of many 100kW Solar PV Systems designed and installed by Living Energy that has also exceeded performance estimates provided.


Upon quarterly performance checks for a full year the 100kW has been confirmed as the optimal size for South Central Trucks. In addition the system has:

o    Exceeded the cautious solar performance estimates by producing 144233kWh, 8.36% above the quoted kWh production

o    Exported 9% of the energy to the grid

o    Offset 23.51% of South Central Trucks carbon emissions from electricity

o    Saved $18,488 in the first 12 months in electricity bills, resulting in a projected payoff period of 7.78 years, but a project installed today would be a simple 5 year payoff period and in excess of 20% IRR.

*These figures ignore depreciation benefits further reducing the payoff period, but do include a 4% electricity rate rise and expected yearly panel degradation [2.5% year 1, 0.7% yearly thereafter].

Living Energy has saved other sites in the CMV Group as much as $3800 ex GST per annum in addition to the solar savings of over $18,000 per annum simply by working with them post installation to ensure the best result is achieve from a post solar installation tariff analysis.



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