Solar monitoring provides you with a real-time dashboard, letting you compare predicted savings with your actual power bill to see if your system is living up to its full potential. You can also compare expected energy production with actual output, taking into account the make and model of your panels and inverter, kilowatt rating of system, age of the system, orientation of each solar panel in your solar system and the local weather conditions drawn from the Bureau of Meteorology.

The result is a customised snapshot of how well your solar system is doing its job, along with the ability to examine trends and handy tips on how to optimise your power usage. This can help you better understand your solar power production so you can manage your home’s energy usage to make the most of solar power.

Aside from Solar Analytics and Reposit Power listed below, we also offer solar inverter monitoring solutions from SMA, Fronius, SolarEdge (Consumption + Solar Production) and Enphase (Consumption + Solar Production).


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  • With your Smart Monitor connected you can now log in to the Dashboard anytime from your desktop computer, tablet device or smart phone to see:
    1. Your solar energy system's performance
    2. Your energy usage
    3. Net electricity bought and sold
    4. When and how you're loading your system
    5. How much energy your system should be generating vs actual energy generated on any given day
    6. Alerts and faults diagnostics
  • Whether you have an existing solar system or are just interested in monitoring your household energy consumption, installing Reposit First is straightforward for a Reposit partnered licensed electrician.
  • With up to 51.8% of solar panels not performing at any point in time, you need to know exactly when there is an issue. The Solar Smart Monitor is the only way that you can get live data for your solar energy system – the Dashboard data is updated every five seconds and displayed in real time.Any faults, failures or underperformance are detected and diagnosed almost instantly!
  • You can save hundreds of dollars by catching issues as soon as they crop up – no more waiting for your bill to arrive to realise there is a problem.On top of fault notifications, you can finally get the most up-to-date information on your solar energy system, anytime, anywhere. See your energy consumption as it happens and catch huge spikes. You can also see the impact of weather, shading, faults, and breakages on your solar performance, so you can improve your system's efficiency.


It's fast, simple, yet very efficient !


Our friendly and experienced team are ready to talk with you !

Reposit First gives you the information you need to make intelligent decisions about how and when you use energy, and what future energy investments you should make. From your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone:

  1. View and track your home energy costs
  2. See your energy usage in real time
  3. If you have solar, monitor your system’s performance
  4. Audit your power bills
  5. Discover if solar batteries are right for you
  • If you have solar panels, Reposit First can reduce your power bills by getting the best value from your panels.With Reposit First, you can see the best times to use your energy draining appliances. Reposit First predicts your solar generation and energy consumption 24 hours in advance. Use this to know when to start the dishwasher or washing machine to get the best value from your energy.
  • If you decide to install a solar battery system, upgrading to Reposit is simple and cost-effective. Your Reposit First system effortlessly converts to Reposit when you connect it to a Reposit compatible solar battery.On upgrade, Reposit will apply what Reposit First learned about your home to make you instant savings.Continue using your Reposit app. When you upgrade to Reposit all of your recorded data will be visible, making it easy for you to see the performance of your solar battery investment.


Our friendly and experienced team are ready to talk with you !