Polybag / Peak Fresh

SMA STP 25000T x 4

Jinko Solar Panels 270W

Living Energy was engaged to install a 100kW Solar PV System in 2 stages for a new construction for packaging manufacturer Peakfresh.


Peakfresh were expanding their production capacity. Stage 1 of the expansion consisted of relocating to a newly constructed facility and concurrently replacing some old machinery. Stage 2 was planned to occur within 24 months of relocation and involved installing additional new plant, but was pending factors out of the owner’s control. In addition, the supply from the grid was limited and it was not clear that it was sufficient to run all machinery in stage 2. Living Energy was asked to analyse Peakfresh’s existing loads and factor in the load characteristics of the replaced and new machinery to be installed at the new site in stage 1 in order to advise on the optimal size for a solar system. In addition, advice on managing limited grid supply was also requested.


Living Energy advised on installing a 50kW Solar PV System which was the optimal solution during stage 1 of the business expansion. The system was designed considering the following factors

  • Estimated operating hours of machinery for the new site.
  • Effect of tariff changes from the new Business Monthly Actual Demand tariff which the site would be shifted to compared to the Business 2 Rate tariff previously charged at the old site.
  • Local solar irradiation data from bureau of meteorology.

Energy monitoring was introduced prior to installing an additional 50kW to bring the Solar PV System size to 100kW for stage 2 which involved addition of new machinery and hence larger loads. It was critical to understand the load size and running times in order to determine whether the new machinery to be installed would be able to be serviced with the existing grid supply. Solar Analytics energy monitoring was installed in order to clarify the energy usage and provide peace of mind to the client that the existing loads plus the new machinery would be able to be serviced from the existing grid supply with overall energy cost reduced by the Solar PV System.


The initial 50kW System is performing at 11% over the quoted average of 210kWh per day expected of a system this size and pitch in Adelaide.

Since installation late August 2017, the upgraded 100kW Solar PV System has provided 59% of the facilities energy. Across a full year, the system will:

  • Offset over 60% of Peakfresh’s carbon emissions from electricity
  • Reduce grid electricity usage by 31% and
  • Save approximately $19,000 per annum.

*These figures ignore depreciation benefits further reducing the payoff period, but do include a 4% electricity rate rise and expected yearly panel degradation [2.5% year 1, 0.7% yearly thereafter].

 Visibility to the energy loads via Solar Analytics provided the information required to give the confidence for the upgraded machinery to be purchased without having to increase grid supply at an estimated cost upwards of $50,000.



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